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Personal Trainers

Our team of experts

Curtis Valentine
Co-Founder & Personal Trainer
Co-founder of Project Me with over 14 years’ experience in the fitness industry and an abundance of sporting ability and expertise Curtis has the highest standards and dedication that are key to successful training. He has trained many people of all ages and backgrounds, from high performance athletes and high profile celebrities to injury rehabilitation clients. This experience makes him ideally suited to ensure that the very best Personal Training & nutritional advice is given to all Project:Me clients.

Area of expertise: Strength & Conditioning, Cardio, Weight loss & Boxing
Favourite exercise: Press-Up Burpees
Favourite workout track: Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Breakfast delight: Poached eggs on brown toast

Ellie Gill
Personal Trainer
Qualified as a Pre and Post Natal Personal Trainer with a vast amount of experience and knowledge on nutrition, Ellie combines methodical exercises with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). She thinks it's important that her clients not only look better but feel better. It's all about a balanced lifestyle.

Area of expertise: Strength, Cardio, Weight loss and Pre & Post Natal
Favourite exercise: Goblet Squats
Favourite workout track: Fill Me In - Craig David
Breakfast delight: Granola with coconut yoghurt and blueberries

Joe Ferris
Personal Trainer
Joe has over a decade of experience working as a Personal Trainer with people from many demographics with varying ability levels. He also has a broad experience in his own sporting endeavours having been engaged in gymnastics, dance, martial arts and track and field from a young age. He has fused all of his technical knowledge and personal experience into a style of training that is unique but highly effective at getting people the results they want.

Area of expertise: Conditioning, Strength and Pilates
Favourite exercise: Pull Ups
Favourite workout track: Mmmbop - Hanson
Breakfast delight: Six raw eggs - Rocky Balboa style!

Rachael Field Roddis
Personal Trainer
Rachael may not be a fan of having her picture taken but she loves working in the fitness industry. A versatile PT with experience of a wide variety of clients, fitness goals and abilities, Rachael is a firm believer that exercise can be an enjoyable and sustainable part of your busy lifestyle.

Area of expertise: Strength & Conditioning, Pre & Post Natal, Functional Training
Favourite exercise: “That’s a bit like choosing between your children!”
Favourite workout track: Epic - Faith No More
Breakfast delight: Vegan protein breakfast smoothie with a generous amount of peanut or almond butter

Christian Mentzing
Personal Trainer

Having lived in Brazil, Australia & Portugal, Christian has always been involved in surfing, volleyball, swimming & weight training. Fusing the experience from these activities with functional movement, strength & muscle resistance training, Christian will make you stronger, fitter, more flexible and help develop a better understanding on how to work your body to achieve your goals.

Area of expertise: Strength, Functional Training, Muscle Development & Overall Fitness
Favourite exercise: Pullover
Favourite workout track: In the evening - Led Zeppelin
Breakfast delight: Steak and nuts

Vanessa Van Dyk
Personal Trainer
Qualified as both a Personal Trainer & massage therapist, Vanessa is knowledgable in many different aspects of the body. She enjoys helping clients feel good about themselves and watching them grow in confidence. Vanessa believes that through honest discussion and realistic expectations, all fitness goals are achievable.

Area of expertise: Toning & Strength, HIIT, Cardio & Core
Favourite exercise: Dead lifts
Favourite workout track: Burnin' - Daft Punk
Breakfast delight: Baked eggs and avocado with a sprinkle of chili flakes

David Goldschmidt
Personal Trainer
David has been training people for several years and has a huge passion for fitness and healthy living. David lives by the motto “If President Obama has time to train, you have time to train”.

Area of expertise: Muscle growth, Weight Loss and Fitness
Favourite exercise: Dips
Favourite workout track: Grey Hound - Swedish House Mafia
Breakfast delight: Scrambled Eggs, Avocado and seeded brown toast

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