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Let’s Get You Fit!

At Project:Me only the best will do. Our elite Personal Trainers will merge your current fitness levels with your personal goals, building sessions to inspire, challenge and transform you. The Personal Trainers can show you how to train safely and productively, meaning you will see quicker results to both your body and fitness levels. We provide thoughtful and motivational fitness regimes and nutritional advice that can help you transform your life. 

Whatever your age, it will not take long before you begin to see your shape, tone and fitness improve. You will experience increased levels of energy, better posture, balance, endurance, core strength and flexibility. Personal Training can also help you lose weight, increase your self-esteem, reduce depression and anxiety and promote joint stability and bone strength.

Whether you’re an athlete, want to improve your fitness or change your life entirely, we have the expertise to help you reach your goals.

Strength & Conditioning
Increase speed and power and develop sports specific training approaches. Strength and Conditioning training can also help with resilience towards sporting injuries. This form of training is useful for both sports specific and non sports specific training.

You will improve your agility, endurance and and overall quickness along with plyometrics.

Special Day
It's time to rise to the occasion and get in shape for the time of your life. Whether you want to look amazing on your wedding day or beam with confidence as you walk down the beach, we want to make you feel and look great for those special times.

This package focuses on weight loss, toning and shaping up for that dress, suit or swimwear.

Posture & Alignment
This form of training will allow us to make subtle changes in your posture to promote daily good habits, allowing you to stretch any tight areas. This can sometimes help if you have back pain, neck soreness or other posture problems. You can also learn ways to possibly relieve pain.

By working with a trainer we can help discover unused muscles to build new ranges of motion, mobility and balance.

Outdoor Training
1-2-1 Training: Prefer training outdoors in a park or in your garden? This motivational experience works well for some people. Should this be you, then why not get one of our trainers to provide you with an outdoor regime to keep you fit and strong. No need to worry about equipment as we'll bring everything you need for a great workout.

Bootcamp: Come and join us every Saturday morning for some group training. Consisting of running, boxing, resistance training, endurance work, games and core training. No megaphone shouting trainers, just hard work mixed with creativity and fun!

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