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Fitness Classes Crouch End


We have classes to suit everyone, and every lifestyle. You can block book a group of classes, or if you just want to try one or two then you can book individually.




Practicing Yoga helps with encouraging your body to balance both mind and body releasing feelings of relaxation and ease. Taking Yoga classes can teach you to stretch and strengthen your body, develop better a posture and a flexible body. It can also help with developing breath awareness, meditation and a general feeling of relaxation.

The classes are varied with some being low impact and others more intense and challenging. We offer different types of Yoga including Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy, Iyengar, Hatha and Yin Yang.

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Pilates can bring great body awareness and an understanding of how your muscles work along with correct body alignment. This means in the long term that the muscles and spine in their correct alignment will help prevent joint damage and general 'wear-and-tear' connected with getting older.

Pilates can help correct any postural imbalances you may have and help your functional everyday fitness, stability and balance. You will also find that your muscles will lengthen, tighten and tone, bringing you a sleeker silhouette.

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Pre and Post Natal
Post-Natal Pilates: Perfect exercises for the post-natal body as it engages the mind and conditions the whole body with an emphasis on core strength. Relieving tension and strengthening the core for mums, we can keep your baby amused as we work. Suitable for all levels of fitness & babies from 6 weeks to 9 months are welcome. Pilates can help you recover from pregnancy and birth & return to exercise in a relaxed and positive environment.

Pregnancy Yoga: Offering a nurturing & enjoyable practice, with focus on breath, movement, postures, and relaxation to adapt to the specific needs of the pregnant woman. It works with the physical and emotional changes the body experiences throughout the different stages of pregnancy, helping to prepare for the birth and beyond.

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Kids Classes
Movers & Shakers: These parent-present classes introduce the very young to rhymes, songs and signs. Every child taking part has the chance to sing, play a musical instrument, be amazed by the parachute and get lost in a world of bubbles! Sit with your child as he or she sings, plays, listens and learns. Suitable for 0-3 year olds.

Kung Fu Kids: Kung Fu Kids is a class aimed at young children and teenagers set up to impart traditional Kung Fu.
The system practiced at Project Me is the Plum Flower Praying Mantis style. At its introductory level, the Plum Flower Mantis Kung Fu concentrates on developing flexibility, strength, coordination, speed and accuracy.

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